I tell people I live in a crop circle of craziness and make messes when they ask me what I do. While that’s true, the rest of the story is that I live on a working farm with 6 chickens, three dogs, two cats, two grown sons, one husband and lots of cows. I make mixed media art, write books for children and take care of my family.

In addition to God, family and friends, I love creating, digging through a dusty attic or barn loft, fabric, paint, ribbon, rabbits, ice cream, my dog Olive, Christmas, colored leaves and essential oils. I get far too excited every time I visit an art supply store or fabric store and I have way too many projects going at once.

I believe everyone should have something colorful hanging on their wall that makes them smile. I also believe angels watch over us, that Santa visits on Christmas Eve, that comfortable shoes should be mandatory and makeup should be optional. I believe your fear should never be bigger than your faith, that we should all simplify and that we should stop the glorification of busy.

My hair is always sticking up, my hands are usually dirty and I don’t remember the last time my car was clean. I hope you enjoy my website and will stop by anytime.

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